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The following document is provided by the FDNOW website 





This list was compiled from approximately 20 tyramine lists found on the internet. While similar, no two lists were identical. In fact, most lists conflicted. For example, mozzarella cheese appears in the safe column on most lists, but also appears in the caution column on some

lists.  This variation is caused by the same food having different amounts of tyramine in it when tested by the list-maker.


When items appeared in two columns, the item was placed in the more restrictive column. For example, canned shellfish appears in the caution column in most lists, but appears in the avoid


column in a few lists.  For safety, canned shellfish appears in the avoid column on this list.


Because the same food may have different amounts of tyramine in it from batch to batch, lot to lot, preparation to preparation, there will not be a fool-proof list.


In classifying a few items, such as beets and spinach,

they typically appeared in the safe column however they were placed in either caution or the avoid column due to scientific finding generated by the Laboratory for Familial Dysautonomia Research at Fordham University.