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Email: Committee@fd-uk.org

UK registered charity number 285399

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Providing suppliments for FD patients


FD-UK provide suppliments to FD. Email supplies@fd-uk.org.

Are you or your friends Traveling to the USA?

Our big thanks to a friend of FD-UK

A friend of FD-UK very kindly brought back some additives from New York  which are of great benefit to our FD community.

This was a great gesture that not only saved us the cost of carriage but had a roll on effect  Not only does it save us the money we would have  had to of laid out for the carriage charge but it also saves us the cost involved in raising  the extra money in the first place which could amount to double. This means the total of monies saved will help us to spend on other much needed endeavours again saving the cost of raising monies for those endeavours . The savings therefor become much more magnified and has an accumulating effect . As you can see this  act of kindness has a greater impact than one could imagine. It has set us all a great example of the true meaning of charity.

It is reminiscence of the days when you couldn’t buy the “Vests” in the UK  we brought over the first vests from America. Yes FD friends did us proud then as today So if you are going to the US let us know if u can help